How to Use Point Clouds in Revit Effectively

2013 version of Revit has powerful functionality in point clouds to allow its users to achieve their desired target by accessing and using its cloud. One can be able to capture a 3D point cloud of any scene by using solid surveying background whether it is an entire internal space, boiler room, building frontage or any other space. A point cloud can be delivered in the form of an indexed PCG file after registering a data for using point cloud in revit. Most of the users can effectively visualize and access PCG files smoothly by keeping their size below 5 GB which was one of the great problems with earlier versions of revit. However, that issue exists no more there.


Point clouds can be effectively integrated into the workflow of the industry and the AEC community as ultimately Autodesk and revit is strongly committed to it. In order to know the effectiveness of point clouds in Revit 2013 you will have to go through some of the examples of its uses provided here under.

In renovations and additions: You can create models as they were originally built, where no drawings are available to design them or the drawings were not made accurately, while working with point clouds in revit background. The value of comprehensiveness of point cloud is in saving the time in making the as-built models than surveying the building spaces in a traditional manner.

Verification of design against actual construction: Point clouds can be used to compare new building construction with its verified design to identify, document and correct their discrepancies. You have to button up walls and ceilings to capture point cloud quickly and easily to provide a record of what was built to your client.

Detection of clashes: Detection of clashes is a time consuming process, during a building construction while resolving the issues of construction administration. This process can be made easy and quick by using point clouds in revit as they can be used as objects to clash with molded objects or other point clouds. New point cloud can be availed by scanning the constructed structure to use it for detecting the resolution of clashes.

Use of point cloud in revit is economical as well as effective when it is used as per your needs as the laser scanning tool can be implemented at all the stages of designing and building a structure by using all the construction management tools and trades. A suite of software including AutoCAD, Navisworks, the Autodesk and Revit support point cloud to use it in the industry with broader prospective. You can deliver an intelligent point cloud solution to our clients on the basis of your experience and tools.

Thus point cloud in Revit can be used effectively by your clients to achieve their desired target. A point cloud can be used as a powerful functionality for revit which can be delivered as an indexed PCG file to enable you to get a 3D view of any scene by using solid surveying background of revit.


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